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ASBA Remains Focused

by Mark Heinlein, CFB, ASBA Chairman

After a long and productive season, spending time last month with nearly 800 of my fellow ASBA colleagues in Orlando, Florida was reinvigorating. Added to that was being elected Chairman of this association, which is an honor and a professional milestone for me personally. 

My sincerest thanks to Kristoff Eldridge, CTB, who just completed his two-year term as Chairman of ASBA in December. Kristoff saw us through an extensive strategic planning initiative during his tenure - one that has paved the way for new Education & Training initiatives, continued double-digit growth in our meeting attendance, and expanded opportunities to increase awareness of sports construction and the ASBA brand. Kristoff has continued in the footsteps of his predecessors in leaving ASBA in a position of strength, earning all of our gratitude in the process.

With recent changes to our certification program, we will continue to build and strengthen our education and training resources.  As builders and designers, I believe strongly that ASBA is where we should turn to expand our knowledge and expertise.  ASBA has built the necessary platforms and infrastructure to facilitate the association’s expanding role in this space. Training tools are necessary to help orient the new talent that we are all working hard to attract to our companies. Our job as on organization is to provide the tools….your responsibility as an ASBA member is to acquaint yourself with all that we offer and to take advantage of these professional and career development opportunities. We must continue to challenge ourselves to offer our members what they need to stay competitive in the marketplace, most important of which is the technical information they need to continue to “build it right.”  

ASBA remains focused on strengthening our relationships with our industry colleagues at ITF, USTA, STC, STMA, NCAA, NFHS, NIAAA, TIA, USAPA, and USA Volleyball.  As the newest division, Courts and Recreation is moving quickly to forge new partnerships and relationships across their spheres of influence, because leadership recognizes how critical these collaborations it will be to ASBA’s ongoing success.

If you were not at the Technical Meeting in Orlando, you missed a great event. However, all is not lost for the year. With upcoming meetings in Costa Rica, Baltimore and San Antonio later this year, as well as a host of webinars and online opportunities in the works, there will be plenty of chances to engage with your ASBA colleagues.  I hope to see many of you next month at the Winter Meeting in Costa Rica, where we can toast to a happy and successful new decade.  Here’s to 2020!

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