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Renew a Certification
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ASBA certification is open to builders currently or recently engaged in tennis court, running track or field construction. To qualify for recertification, candidates must meet the following criteria:

Candidates must be actively engaged in the industry in order to recertify. Certification is not merely an “honor,” i.e., recognition of past achievement, but an indication of current competence, which can be relied upon by owners.Certification assumes that those being recertified are active in the industry in a way that would insure their ongoing knowledge and skills in examination content as the industry changes over time. To be eligible for recertification, whether by examination or by points, tennis, track or field builders must also demonstrate 50 eligibility points with points in at least three of the five areas covered by the recertification spreadsheet, for projects completed within the three years since initial certification or since the last recertification.

It is not necessary to be a member of the ASBA to participate in the tennis, track or field builders certification program. However, in recognition of the ASBA’s financial underwriting of the program, members are allowed a discounted certification/recertification fee.


Certification for tennis court, running track and sports field builders is granted for a period of three years. The certification period begins with the date certification or recertification is granted (the exam date or the deadline for submission of recertification by contact hours) and ends on December 31 three years later.

Candidates may recertify either by taking the then current certification examination or by submitting an application for recertification by points.

Certified builders may also recertify via continuing education points accumulated any time between January 1st of the year following certification or recertification and the December 31st deadline.

Candidates may recertify by taking the then-current certification exam under the same conditions and for the same fees as those sitting for initial certification, except that those applying for recertification need only meet the eligibility requirements stated for recertification. 

Belolw you will find a series of links. These downloadable PDF's provide all the necessary paperwork you need in order to apply for an ASBA Certification. It is IMPORTANT to read each document in it's entirety and follow all directions. 

Recertification for Certified Tennis Court Builders:
Recertification for Certified Track Builders:
Recertification for Certified Field Builders: